School Spirit & Class Parent Information

Birthday Board


For $5.00, your child’s name, birth date, and class code will be displayed on a special Birthday Bulletin Board for the entire season and they will receive a birthday themed spirit tag delivered to their classroom. 

Our Birthday Board is located in the main foyer.  You may sign up as soon as possible or no later than the 15th of October, January, April, or June (depending on the season of your child’s birthday). 

Class Parent Information

Our PTO relies on volunteers to make our events a success.  One of the ways you can volunteer your time is by becoming a Class Parent in your child's class.

The (4) main responsibilities of a class parent are:
1.  Read and respond to Class Parent emails
2.  Communicate w/other class parents to coordinate (3) class parties during the year.
3.  Volunteer for a minimum of (3) PTO sponsored events, one of which must be Tricky Tray
4.  Assemble a basket of class donations for the Tricky Tray

Please note that you must be a paid PTO member in order to sign up to be a class parent.  


Class Parent Forms are due back no later than September 23rd.

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